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Our Business Propositions are Supported by Certified Processes

Strong Client Satisfaction

  • Track Record with key clients with repeat business

  • On time and on budget project delivery

  • Cost-Competitive value proposition

  • Value added offerings

  • Full program performance transparency

Sound Business Infrastructure

  • DCAA-Compliant accounting system

  • Automated time-sheet system

  • Secret facility clearance

  • Excellent banking relationships

  • Solid finances with access to credit when needed 






Strong Client Satisfaction

  • Leadership team with over 32 years of experience

  • Process and Metrics driven management style

  • Rapid on-boarding of qualified personneL

  • Aligned management process for subcontractor management

Strong Client Satisfaction

  • In business since 1995

  • Unbroken track record of contract performance and growth

  • Diversified client base

  • 80% of CODEplus customers are from repeat business

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