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eManageIT pRFID Warehouse Solution

eManageIT™ pRFID Warehouse Solution

  • System solution integrates passive, active RFID technology , other AIT and item unique identification (IUID) to implement a turnkey pRFID solution at Fort Bliss CRP/SSA.

  • The capabilities are the following:

  • Receive, or throughput to customer, and process receipt documentation 

  • Store (put-away) supplies for Assigned Stockage List (ASL)

  • Manage common hardware bin and bulk inventory, pick Materiel Release Orders (MROs), and package and label supplies for issue to customers 

  • Automatically track the movement of material in and out of outside storage areas

  • Locate (find) and conduct inventory of stock on hand 

  • Mobile  and fixed pRFID readers read and encode RFID tags. Designed for use in various work environments, eliminating the need and associated costs for multiple devices in multi-modal data capture environments.

  • Passive RFID-enabled mobile devices such as mobile carts, forklifts, and printers with ruggedized construction are integrated into the warehouse environment to mark and register items for total asset visibility.

  • EPC compliant passive EPC Gen 2 tags use a general inlay that is optimized for labeling cases, pallets, and packages in a warehouse environment.

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