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In today's connected work environment and with our dependency on cloud computing, complex networks, and the impact of cyber-attacks, organizations must have a robust plan/program that will provide a protected infrastructure and continuous monitoring.


CODEplus is a provider of IT security consulting and services that include incident response, penetration testing, network security services, as well as vulnerability testing and risk assessment. 

  •  Continuous Monitoring and Real-time Detection

  •  Cyber Situational Awareness

  •  Risk Assessment and Response

  •  Implement Mandated Policies/Control

  •  Insider Threat Detection/Prevention

  •  Technical Support for Encryption

  •  Secure Authentication Systems

  •  Security Hardening

  •  Information Architecture / Plans

  •  Technology Evaluation Support

  •  Promote User Awareness and Training

  •  Monitor Policy/Control Effectiveness

  •  Evaluate & Test Systems/Applications

  •  Risk Identification

Server Installation
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