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eManageIT Property Accountability Solution

 eManageIT™ Property Accountability System (PAS)

  • A fully functional tool for greater visibility and audit capabilities required to better assess readiness for government property and equipment to include parts/components  (both in real-time and non real-time) using passive RFID (pRFID)

  • Automated solution providing 100% database accuracy and access to traceable records at all times

  • Minimize labor hours reducing manual work and most of all increasing the speed at which the activities are carried out

  • Tag, scan, track, locate, and instantaneously populate database and provide visibility of assets

  • Assign assets up to three tiers allowing expansion of the solution to map parts to systems and to manufacturers

  • Tighten security with a variety of controls over access permission

  • Manage check-in and check out of assets

  • Generate, view, and export  reports such as DA Form 3161 and others

  • Import and export of data capability

  • Can be integrated to back end property systems such as Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) system

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