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eManageIT BI Monitoring Solution

eManageIT™ Business Intelligence/Business Activity Monitoring Web Tool (STARplus)

CODEplus developed the STARplus™ as a web based dashboard solution for big data analytics. STARplus™ is the decision-making platform that spans otherwise segregated corporate systems and data sources, and follows a process that allows to have predictive, proactive, real-time access to critical performance indicators for different stakeholders (i.e. executive, operations, maintenance managers etc.) in order to anticipate risks, improve productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

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Architecture Environment:

  • HTML 5

  • Model-View-Controller architectur

  • Windows Communications Foundation

  • SQL Server

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Process Modeling, Use-Case Analysis, System Interface Analysis

  • System Architecture Design &

Programming Technologies

  • Web/Mobile Development

  • Database Development

  • Data Analytics and Mining

  • Dashboard

Benefits to the Client

  • Enable supervisors and managers to make fact-based business decisions for improved operations scheduling and labor allocation

  • Gain the ability to allocate labor to business needs using empirical evidence; assist with executive-level dashboard summaries

  • Cost saving; visibility to operation; better scheduling for resources; better performance

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