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CODEplus' cloud computing solutions and services offer organizations of different sizes the ability to reduce the size of their own data centers or eliminate the data center footprint altogether. Our clients have benefited tremendously from this reduction in the number of servers and the software cost, and the number of staff on different levels. Additional benefits are :

  • Increased efficiency of systems

  • Increased reliability of systems

  • reduction in IT costs without impacting IT capabilities

With organizations looking to provide services and products across multi-cloud, and multi channels with the highest speed and maintaining accuracy, CODEplus' services help our clients and ensure smooth migration to the cloud with:

  • Guidance on how to assess what to migrate

  • Cost evaluations

  • Security assurance 

  • Effective collaboration with service vendors to troubleshoot and resolve issues

  • Integration of incident and change management with agile development solutions

  • Evaluating service performance capability to ensure service integrity

Data Cloud
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